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Equipment and products to buy

Find the equipment, product, or item that you wish to purchase

As well as providing information on goods or services that you can hire, our online directory also features details on popular products and equipment that you may prefer to buy.

The temporary hire of an item of equipment, a product, or a ervice may be the most cost effective solution to source what you need - and for when you need it! But in some cases you may prefer to make a purchase instead.

Below we feature a range of chosen equipment and products that we hope are of interest to you.

Mobile Air Conditioners

This type of electrical appliance is becoming more and more popular with home owners in the UK. An air conditioner can now be bought at a reasonable price - far cheaper than what they used to cost several years ago.

They are relatively simple to use and can be placed in a room where you need to control the heat and temperature. This could be a children’s playroom, a bedroom, the conservatory or study, or on a landing which needs to be a more pleasant environment. Read more on buying a portable air conditioner

Electric Fans

An electric fan is one of the easiest ways to make a room more comfortable during hot spring and summers months. Although a fan just circulates the air it does provide a cooling effect. You can buy a fan in a choice of sizes and specifications to suit your individual needs. The cheapest ones tend to be compact in size but are ideal for occasional use at home or in the work place.

You can purchase from outlets in most UK cities and towns including Birmingham, Bradford, Cardiff, Castleford, Coventry, Derby, Doncaster, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Reading, Sheffield, and more.