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Choose a local hire company to supply you with the hire of an air conditioner unit for use at home or in the workplace

You can create a pleasant working atmosphere in offices, reception areas, conference, meeting, and waiting rooms with the use of a mobile thermostatically controlled compact air conditioning unit.

But it is not just the modern work place that can benefit with the hire of a portable air conditioner unit.

If you have a particular room or an area at home that suffers from excess heat during the hotter periods that we experience in the UK, consider making it a more pleasant place by using mobile air conditioner hire?

In a typical room in a house, a compact sized air con unit can reduce the overall temperature by quite a large amount - and within usually the time span of under 30 minutes from once the air conditioner is first switched on.

One of these units can be sited in a room or area where you have easy access to a standard mains socket (to plug the unit into) and a window that can be opened to allow the hot air to escape from (by means of a flexible vent hose that is supplied with each mobile air conditioner that is hired).

Is your lounge, a bedroom, the conservatory, or home office too hot and stuffy during the summer months? If so think about the temporary hire of an air conditioner unit supplied from a local hire company.

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