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Floor Sander Hire Sheffield

The electric operated drum floor sander machine makes light work when it comes to sanding away years of old dirt, paint, stains, and varnish from old wooden floorboards and parquet blocks in your home.  

Its fast rotating drum can be fitted with different grades of abrasive papers (from very coarse through to fine) depending on how much sanding and the overall finish result that is needed.

A detachable dust collection bag keeps airborne dust down to a minimum.

The machine operates off a standard 240v electric household mains supply.  

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If you want to hire a drum floor sander or an edger sander in Sheffield, you can obtain these tools from our featured tool hire shops that we recommend for these products.

Most of these suppliers keep a good quantity of floor sander machines in their outlets, but as with most commodities we advise checking with your chosen tool hire shop that they have one in stock by making a quick telephone call before making a special journey to pick one up!

Sandpaper Consumables

In addition to obtaining a floor sander you will also need to collect a suitable quantity of sandpaper sheets. Most of the tool shops in Sheffield supply these on a sale or return basis so you can return any that don’t need. Depending on the condition of your wooden floor you will usually need a few coarse, medium, and then fine grades of sanding paper.

On the drum machine these will be usually be sheets that wrap around the rotating drum on the floor sander. Some drum sanders though use a continuous loop of paper instead. The edger sanders use discs of sandpaper, and again are available to buy in several grades from really course through to fine.  

Cheapest Floor Sander Hire Sheffield

Electric Drum Floor Sander Hire

Different Types Of Sanders Available

There are two (2) main types of floor sanders that you can hire to use for carrying out DIY sanding at home on your wooden floorboards as well as parquet type floors.

1) The first type of tool is the upright electric drum sander.

This is the most common type of power tool that is used for carrying our floor sanding.

This tool has a fast rotating drum that spins round, attached to it is sandpaper, and it is this action that then sands away the top surface of old wooden flooring. This tool is straight forward to use but does need a little effort to use correctly. Most users after 5 mins to 10 mins in operating time will get the hang of how to control and manoeuvre it correctly.

2) The second type of tool is the edger sander.

This is a far smaller tool that is used at low level. As the name suggests it is used for sanding floors right up to the edge of the room, including next to skirting boards, door frames, mouldings, and architraves. It reaches into areas that the larger upright drum sander tool cannot.
Electric Drum Floor Sander Hire Sheffield

This image features both an upright drum floor sander as well as the smaller edger sanding machine.

For most households you will need to hire both floor sander machines in order to achieve the best finish result possible.

Tip: Make sure when collecting (or if being delivered) that you have enough sandpaper consumables to finish the job.

Tip: Vacuum the work area up regularly, the less dust that is present the better, especially if you intend to stain or varnish the floor after you have sanded it.

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Popular Questions About Floor Sanders:

How long does it take to sand a floor with a floor sander?

Most standard rooms take around 2 to 3 hours in time, including vacuuming up the dust that is created, as well as allowing time to change over the sanding sheets.

If you can though we recommend allowing a good half a day to complete a room, this will give you enough time to go at your own pace without stretching yourself too hard.

lowing extra time to vacuum up the sanded dust will mean the job will be completed in a better way too, as a greater level of cleanliness means that you will be able to apply that varnish or stain far quicker! (Where possible open the window in the room that you working in, it will allow you to work in a far more pleasant environment too!)

How many sanding sheets do I need for a floor sander?

The answer to this question depends on how large the room is and how dirty or worn the current flooring is. Usually though as a guide, for a 20 ft x 20 ft standard room that is average in condition, around 6 of each sandpaper sheets should be enough to complete the job. This is providing there is no raised nails or screws sticking above the wooden flooring.

How much does it cost to rent a floor sander?

The cost to hire a floor sander in Sheffield can vary from one tool hire shop to another. Expect though to pay anything from around £25.00 upwards for just a one days rental, with weekend hires usually around the £50.00 to £60.00 price point. This is just for the basic drum sander, so check prices when you are sourcing the edger sander as well.

Tip: Most tool hire shops offer a package deal when you take both the drum sander as well as the edger sander, especially for over a weekend or a bank holiday period.

How do you sand a wooden floor?

This can vary depending on the type of wooden floor, the size of it, as well as what type of wood it is. For most common types of wooden floorboards though the best way is to use both of the tools that we feature here, the upright drum sander and the edger sander.

Both can achieve a really great result and with the lowest levels of effort.

Featured Suppliers

Here we list the local suppliers and companies that we recommend you contact to obtain the hire of a floor sander machine in Sheffield.

All of these tool hire shops stock floor sanders as well as the much needed abrasive sandpapers that you will need to use one of these products.

Our featured suppliers all offer a delivery service as well as allowing you to collect floor sander hire Sheffield.


396 Attercliffe Road, S93QN

Telephone: (0114) 2445786

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425 Queens Road, S24DR

Telephone: (0114) 2730251

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426 London Road, S24ND

Telephone: (0114) 2581682

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Tedbar Tinker

96 Holywell Road, S48AS

Telephone: (0114) 2444238

Engineering tools, Lifting gear, DIY tools, Carpet cleaners, Floor sanders

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