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Lifting Equipment Hire and Sales in Sheffield

Find a stockist and supplier for Lifting Equipment in Sheffield

When it comes to Lifting Equipment, there is a multitude of products that you can choose to buy or hire depending on the specific engineering project that needs carrying out. As far as portable items go some of the more popular products are manual chain blocks, pull-lever hoists, girder clamps and girder trolley units, d-shackles, chain slings, snatch blocks and pully’s, manually operated tirfor machines, load cells, air and electric powered hoists, and of course all types of jacks.

Moving on to a few slightly larger items of lifting equipment that can be hired in Sheffield we include pump action pallet trucks, minifor electric wire rope hoists, chain hoists, and of course the versatile range of Genie Lifts. This last item being one that is favoured by not only engineering staff but also by builders and construction site workers that recognise it’s lifting capabilities when it comes to lifting steel rsj beams and other items into place when carrying our house building and home improvement projects.  

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Lifting Equipment Hire and Sales in Sheffield
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Who would use lifting equipment in Sheffield?

With this City in South Yorkshire (as well as nearby Chesterfield, Doncaster, Rotherham, and Worksop) being one that is famous for steel manufacturing and engineering maintenance services, it is no surprise that there are lots of different types of users and companies that have a regular or one-off need for this lifting equipment hire service.

The City is home to many factories, processing sites, engineering workshops, and also metal fabrication shops - with most containing machinery of some sort. This could be a metal turning lathe machine, a press cutter, laser cutter, a shot blasting machine, powder coating oven, or a large specialist item of machinery that is used for manufacturing products such as food products, drinks, paper, packaging materials, plastics, processing waste materials, and so on.

Alternatively the site may have a selection of hi-tech cnc machines or machinery that manufactures products by way of using injection moulding technology, a good example of this can be found in the Sheffield factories that produce goods under the Gripple and Load Hog brand names.

So, typical users of these products are engineering staff including mechanical fitters, engineers, industrial electricians, metal fabrication personnel, maintenance staff, and so forth…

Other trades that use them are automotive engineers including car mechanics, commercial vehicle mechanics, motorcycle technicians, and of course fitters that work on plant machinery and street cleansing vehicles.

Builders, construction workers, steel erectors, and civil engineering personnel also use lifting equipment - especially when the need arises to lift and move supporting beams and steels into place on both commercial as well as domestic properties.

Genie Lift Hire In Sheffield

The Genie Lift is a useful item of heavy duty lifting equipment that is available to hire or purchase for use at your site or property in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Several different models of this product are available including the Genie SL10, SL15, and larger capacity SL25 model.

It’s versatility can be increased by way of using several dedicated attachments including a set of extension forks, a pipe / barrel cradle, and also a lifting jib.

Genie Lift Hire Sheffield is available from several local hire companies.   

Lifting Equipment Hire in Sheffield

Hire or Buy?

The decision to hire or buy lifting equipment in Sheffield can depend on many different factors and scenarios. If you are a regular user of manual chain blocks, pull-lever hoists, hydraulic jacks, pallet trucks, or maybe Genie Lifts, it is probably more cost effective to purchase the items you need rather than rent them. Bear in-mind though that all items of lifting gear will need inspecting and maintaining to ensure continuous safety standards with this type of equipment are adhered to. (For more detail visit our page on what is lifting equipment)

If you don’t have the budget to purchase these products outright, or you just need them on an occasional or one-off basis - it is probably more cost effective and reasonable to just hire on an as as when needed basis.

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