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What is a road sweeper?

Your Guide To Types Of Equipment and Powered Plant  

A Road Sweeper is a type of vehicle that is used to keep roads, streets, pavements, car parks, and other hard-surfaced areas clean from dirt, debris and items such as mud that has been placed from say a construction site.

Depending on the type and design of road sweeper it will usually carry out this cleaning process by the use of air, water, brushes, or a combination of any of these.

The conventional type of road sweeper truck that most people associate with this type of powered plant is a vehicle that is mounted on a commercial lorry type chassis and which then has a road sweeper body with components mounted upon it.

Conventional road sweepers use water that is blasted out of a series of nozzles at a pressure that is controlled by the vehicles operator. These jets of water loosen particles of dirt and grime and at the same time reduce the amount or dust that would otherwise be airborne. Rotating brushes then work-way sweeping the dirt and grime into a large vacuum aperture, the waste material is then deposited in the hopper that is prominent on the rear of the road sweeper truck.

Who would need to use a road sweeper?  

Any contractor, local authority provider, the emergency services, or organisation that requires roads, streets, and typically highways to be cleaned will all need to have the use of a road sweeper.

The sourcing and use of such an item of plant machinery will normally be undertaken in one of a few ways; operated road sweeper hire where the sweeper truck is rented to the “customer” along with an experienced driver, self-drive rental where the vehicle is rented to the customer for their own staff to drive and operate it, contract hire where a road sweeper is leased or hired for a set period of time, usually with the option cost of maintenance and service options included, the outright purchase of a road sweeper truck for direct usage and ownership by the customer.

What is a road sweeper normally used for?

One of these vehicles is normally used for the cleaning of mud, loose stones and gravel, leaves, and general dirt from highways. They are also used for the sweeping and collection of dirt from car parks, sports grounds, event venues, access roads, construction sites, and any hard surfaced areas where dirt and debris can collect.

Examples of sites where road sweepers are used:

Road sweeping vehicles are regularly used in the UK on house construction sites, commercial building sites, access roads and drives around quarries, aggregate production sites and locations that handle, mix, and produce cement and concrete products. They are also used on a multitude of factory sites that manufacture food products, drinks, cardboard and paper, powders and resins, furniture factories, and steel production sites and foundries.

Event venues are another example of where road sweepers can often be seen, including keeping the access roads, car parks, and other areas free from road dirt and general rubbish. This includes venues such as country houses and halls, concert and music venues, festival grounds, show grounds, horse race tracks, car and motorcycle race tracks, and for venues that host fairs and shows as well as markets from time-to-time.

Well known manufacturers of road sweepers:

There is a hand-full of manufacturers that build and supply commercial road sweeping vehicles. The most popular and well known ones are:

Companies that provide the rental of road sweeping trucks:

There are several companies (in the UK) that provide the commercial service of road sweeper hire.

One of the main ones in Yorkshire and Humberside is National Road Sweepers (NRS), Coleford Road, S9 5PH

You can view more details here on this service. You can also read about them on facebook here….

Definition: What is a Road Sweeper?  

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